Reap the Rewards of Pay Per Click Advertising

Search Engine Marketing​

We manage your Google Ads account targeting the keywords that will drive conversions to your site.

Pay Per Click’s main selling point is how quickly your business can be advertised locally, nationally, or globally. Unlike SEO or Social Media, Pay Per Click Advertising allows people who are looking for your service or product to see your business at the top of their search right where it matters most!

Throughout digital marketing, Pay Per Click is the speediest return on investment advertising platform available!

What we Deliver

Google Advertising

Google Advertising is a powerful marketing tool that puts you in front of your customers. A strategically crafted campaign can generate waves of new business day in day out.

Display Advertising

Google Display Network reaches 90% of Internet users worldwide. Use Google Display to increase your online presence and grow your business with a visual representation.


On average, customers need to view your website or ad at least 5 times before making a buying decision. This is a huge underestimated statistic that helps businesses.

Pay Per Click Means PAY PER CLICK

Pay Per Click is a bidding platform, it has the exceptional service charge of only paying per click! Basically, you only pay for the clicks onto your website, phone number or whatever the ad type you choose! There are also different ways these bidding systems allow “pay per click”, whether it is pay per individual click, pay per conversion, pay per impressions and a multitude of others. The options are endless to achieve an incredible result.

Work Within Your Budget

The best part about SEM marketing is businesses can work with whatever budget suits them. There is no required amount or no limit. As an auction/bidding platform, you have the opportunity to bid for your business to be positioned on Google, Bing Ads and their partners. We have helped clients with budgets of $1,000 a month to $50,000 a month. Each campaign a personalised strategy was created to suit their goals and business.

What's included in our Services

Campaign Implementation

Implementing our strategy throughout google analytics, google ads, bing ads, google my business, google tag manager and much more. Implementing the data that only results in ROI.

Performance Management

We optimise your campaigns daily to guarantee your business is being seen by the people who need your business. Performance management includes bid adjustments, keyword optimising, creating new ad copy and 35 other factors.

SEM Strategy

Researching keywords that are relevant to your business! the projected ROI per keyword, looking at your competitor’s strategies, mapping out your ad groups and ad copies to drive success. We create strategies from beginning to end, including Ads to the final destination page design.

Landing Page Design

We take a step above other agencies and complete the whole funnel for your campaigns. It is crucial that your ads lead to a page that answers the users question. Otherwise it’s just dead money.